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September 2010

road tripping
You, the road and some sweet tunes could make for a very rejuvenating Sunday. The idea: just drive. There’s something about long roads  and endless fields that promotes reflection, so give yourself the space and time to think and feel and just be. If you find solitude not so sweet, get some friends to tag along. There’s bound to be some interesting things along the way, no matter which direction you head: antique stores, rusty toilets, cheap fruit stalls. Just don’t eat multiple punnets of strawberries. Being sick in the car is not so, er, rejuvenating.

mountain wine
What is Sunday good for if not strolling through vineyards and getting gracefully sloshed? Well, lots of things, but that definitely makes the list. And there are a number of splendid estates near enough to Brisbane to make a daytrip out of wine-tasting and strolling, etcetera. The Dayboro Valley is about 45 minutes from the city and is home to the Ocean View Estates Winery and the Glengariff Estate (pictured).

the picnic parade
It’s the perfect time of year for picnics: not too hot and sticky, the mosquitoes are more or less at bay, and the air is sweetly scented with the flourishing flowers. We celebrated the arrival of the pretty season with a very special Hello Sunday / Hello Spring picnic in Anzac Park in Toowong, complete with badminton, croquet, delicious homemade treats, iced tea and lovely friends and family. Check out this page for a list of other great picnic-friendly parks in Brisbane.

the magic crystal
For the next three weeks, the arts will be taking over the city. The awesome Spiegeltent in King George Square (pictured!) is where much of the Brisbane Festival action will take place. It’s a fascinating, eclectic venue, worth checking out if you’re able to make your way inside: apparently there’s bits of cabaret, Belgian pub, stained glass, velveteen drapes, and a parquet (!) dance floor. Check out the programme (dance, theatre, music and visual art) and go marvel at what should indeed be marvellous.

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