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October 2010

the site of the damned

Lake Wivenhoe was built back in 1984, with the primary purpose of providing safe and reliable water supply to all of South East Queensand. Which with credit, it’s done pretty well over 26 years, especially after enduring the brunt of one of our worst droughts. Now it finds itself at the opposite end of the scales, at 100% capacity (that’s 2.6 million megalitres of water!!!) after some crazy rainfall, enough to have the gates opened recently to let a little of the water run out! This would have made for quite a sight and we highly recommend still taking a visit out there as the dam has become more than just a water storage facility. It’s beautiful and serene, you’ll find people camping, kayaking, walking, picnicing, boating, fishing and generally having a good time in the great outdoors. The sun is shining, what are you waiting for.

doing it deli style

Tempt your taste buds at the next Sunday get together, be it at home with the fam, a gathering at a friend’s, or perhaps a sweet picnic with a lover, by dropping into your local deli and splashing out on a mouth watering spread. Rosalie is just one of Brisbane’s many suburbs sporting a gourmet deli, an Aladdin’s cave of tasty morsels! The only problem will be choosing what to put in your basket, balsamic onions? Smoked mushrooms? Marinated olives? And that’s before getting to the cheese cabinet! Other delicious delis can be found in New Farm, Chapel Hill, Oxley and West End. Just whatever the reason, don’t forget to say “bon appétit“.

powerhouse past
Something’s usually going on at the Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm, so you don’t need to invest much forward planning for this one. Just show up, see what’s happening, and enjoy a Sunday drink at the Alto Bar. As a redeveloped power station, the building itself not only features stunning industrial design of the art deco period, but also has an interesting history, including providing shelter to the homeless and Brisbane’s underground arts scene in the 1980s. The Powerhouse is pretty much located within the beautiful New Farm Park, so spend some time enjoying the grass and the sun, and then head inside to get culturally acquainted. There’s usually bands, comedy or some kind of exhibition worth peeking at.

shopping for sunshine
Endless rain doesn’t mean you have to be confined inside your house. Confine yourself to the shops instead. We don’t mean the supermarket or potentially uninspiring shopping centres. Use the inclement weather as an excuse to discover Brisbane’s boutique beauties. The gorgeous store in our post this week is Little Jane Street in Fortitude Valley, home to the talented stationery and textile designs of Alarna Zinn. Pop in and take a peek around this lovely new store… and don’t worry, the paper clouds in the window won’t get you wet. Other boutique hotspots include West End, Little Grey Street at South Bank, Given and La Trobe terraces at Paddington, and the end of Logan Road just opposite the Gabba.

the stories will fall
Pull out your favourite novel and invest in some serious bonding time. Some people don’t like to re-read books, but how can you resist going over and over the most delicious sentences and committing them to memory? If you are after some new material, though, check out one of Brisbane’s many ramshackle second-hand book depositories. We like Bent Books in West End and Boswell’s Books in Ashgrove.

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