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May 2010

between the stacks
… is where you will find the best stories. Head to your local Brisbane City Council Library branch one Sunday to indulge in some book loveliness. There’s something rather affecting about holding in your hand a book that has been read and re-read, loved, or even hated, moved someone to tears, inspired someone to make a life-changing decision, etc. Where has the book been before you got your nifty little mitts on it? You can only wonder.

The old brick building pictured is the Hamilton branch on Racecourse Road.

more than just a game
It’s cold and it’s raining, but we’re not complaining! This is a great excuse to stay indoors, return to a childhood filled with games and out-there dreams, and fight to the death to become Mister or Missus Monopoly. If you’re not the biggest fan of it (admittedly it can go on and on and on…) we’re certain other board games will also suffice. Wear pyjamas for added impact.

fancy a cuppa
Don’t underestimate all that is simple. There is much pleasure to be had in a teabag, hot water and a plain old cup – especially now that it’s really cooling down. You can enjoy it in bed, on the veranda, sitting cross-legged on the kitchen floor even. Of course, fancy it up if you like and pull out the teapot and matching dainty cups, acquire shortbread and invite some pretty people to play. If you want quality tea leaves visit The Tea Centre in Albert Lane: your freshly packed leaves are handed over in gorgeous foil bags that will very well make you feel like a provincial little lady, or man.

crossing bridges
The bridges of Brisbane can be seen as somewhat like a Russian Babushka doll. Fourteen or so big ones cross the winding Brisbane River, smaller ones cross creeks and more or less blend into the road, and finally secreted, teeny ones hop across ponds or strangely form a clutter of planks over wayward Jacaranda roots on the corners of otherwise ordinary streets. Go one Sunday and seek out a bridge that particularly takes your fancy: perhaps some rickety wooden thing you maybe shouldn’t stand on or the elaborate new Kurilpa Bridge from the city to the Gallery of Modern Art. As you cross it think of all the bridges you’ve had to build in your life to get from one place to another and remember how awesome you are.

P.S. The bridge pictured is hiding near the Celebration Lawn at the Roma Street Parklands. It’s adorable!

by the veggie patch
Even if you don’t have a breakfast date, the Northey Street Organic Market in Windsor is a more than pleasing reason to rise and say Hello Sunday. You don’t even have to be up all that early, perhaps eight or nine? It’s a modest size and not crazily populated so the atmosphere is relaxed and communal. Sit, listen to some stray guitar or flute, watch people and pick up fresh produce for the week ahead. Apparently, it’s one of the few places in Brisbane to get kale (super source of iron!) The park is also home to Northey Street City Farm and it’s nothing but delightful to get lost in the rambling garden and pretend you’re a cute little bumblebee.

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