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July 2010

the beer-keepers
Okay, so XXXX has a bit of a reputation of being a bogan beer, but the XXXX Brewery on Milton Road is worth paying a visit to. Why? Because it’s a Brisbane icon, complete with a merry, waving man, and because beer is, we think, a Sunday icon. Indeed, as if they read our minds, XXXX has not long introduced Sunday Brewery, Beer and BBQ tours. You get an entertaining, not to mention educational, experience, some beer tasting, and a buffet barbecue… all on a Sunday! What more is there to say? We think we know where you’ll be next week.

the prince of ascot
The phrase “old money” might not be something you usually associate with Brisbane, but take a leisurely, sticky-beak around the affluent suburb of Ascot and you might change your mind. Along with its prestigious neighbours, Hamilton and Clayfield, Ascot is home to many of Brisbane’s most elaborate, older houses, ranging from expansive traditional Queenslanders with endless wrap-around verandahs, to quaint English-style cottages, to mock castles. We think Sunday afternoon is just the time to go for a drive and fantasise about what goes on behind the so many perfect doors.

miss riding hood
There’s much to be said about cycling in Brisbane. The first is that you must not let the hills deter you. The second is  that it’s an uncomplicated and inexpensive activity that is bound to release a phenomenal amount of endorphins, whether you want to get your athletic on and go at it hard or be more like us and casually zigzag to the nearest croissant. We’re pretty sure two-wheels is the next big thing to define Brisbane so join in the ride, eh. The city has at least 900km of dedicated bike-ways, plus there’s no laws really prohibiting you from cycling here, there and everywhere. You can even take your bike on the train. Oh, and if you want to be a little trendy about it check out the contraptions from Bicycle Revolution in West End.

city with a view
Kangaroo Point is just across the river from the CBD, on Brisbane’s eastern side. It’s best known for its cliffs which at night are lit up all pretty and golden-like. The spot is ideal for barbecues, and sitting and contemplating the city skyline, but also for more physical pursuits. You can scale the cliffs like a vicious little spider with rock climbing and abseiling, take to the various paths on foot or bicycle, or even use it as a base for water activities. But we’re not the experts: Riverlife is the place to check out here.

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