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February 2011

the fairies of glorious
It began as just a folkloric murmur, but we decided to run with it and have proved the existence of the great unmarked waterhole at Mt Glorious.  And yes, we did become fairies! Although finding the secret spot turned into a bit of a mission for us, we’ve taken care to formulate some very useful directions just  for you:

  1. Head to Mt Glorious via Mt Nebo Road (a map will show you this bit).
  2. When you come to the Mt Glorious / Samford sign, turn right onto Mt Glorious Road, heading towards Samford.
  3. Travel for 3.4 km in the direction of Samford. Let us repeat: in the direction of Samford.
  4. Look out for cars parked along the road, usually in big cut-outs. Join them.
  5. Grab your gear, lock up the car and head over to the railing. Scramble over it and look for worn (although not official) tracks.
  6. Engage your senses and follow the track down to the water.
  7. Explore! There’s a number of different pools and falls and places to bask on the rocks like lizards.

A couple of top tips:

  • Tune in to Brisbane’s local Triple Z to enjoy the Sunday morning jazz program. It’s the supreme soundtrack for winding around mountain roads as you climb higher into the rainforest.
  • If necessary, don’t be afraid to ask moustached gentlemen for directions.

the man with the folding chair
You too can be a creeper like the guy in this week’s post. Head out Logan way to the Ikea store, so massive it’s almost ridiculous, and pick yourself up a cute folding chair in any number of shapes, sizes, textures. Ikea is known for its choices aplenty and you can always find something to suit yourself, whether it’s a cutesy knick-knack, or something useful like bright storage containers. However, there are dangers: you may unwittingly spend far in excess, and the crowds, especially on Sundays, might just traumatise you. We say: Remain vigilant and wear a high-vis vest!

500 counts
Okay, so we aren’t perfect. Sometimes we do have to do our washing on a Sunday. However, it’s not all tears and fears when we do, it’s not such a chore. While you’re at it, it’s wonderfully pleasant to lounge on the grass beside the line and read a book, or to just sit and drink tea and marvel in the certain poignancy of clothes hanging still in the sun. And should you have to make a trip to the laundromat, who knows what gorgeous, enchanting creatures you might meet? Thinking now of Lisa Mitchell’s magical number “Coin Laundry”…

up here
We’ve mentioned before the great Jacarandas that abound in some of Brisbane’s suburbs, but Brisbane provides the loving soil for so many other immense trees, all gorgeous in their size and antiquity. We found some choice climb-worthy trees in Orleigh Park in West End … down by the river it’s a little bit quieter and you shouldn’t get into too much trouble. It’s just the way to relive your childhood, but also to be reminded of the beauty and strength of nature. Just remember to be gentle, tread softly and to not go snappin all them branches off!

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