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August 2010

all that blossoms
The temperature is warming up, so there’s no excuse for sulking indoors. Dust off the shorts and reveal your pale ankles to the world with a trip to your local nursery to gather supplies… because, dear friends, it’s time to brandish the green fist and pummel that garden into shape in time for spring. We visited GardenWay at Darra and found no shortage of thriving plants and blooms in every and any colour. If you find yourself sans garden (or green fist), however, do not despair. Brisbane Market Flowers at Rocklea will serve you well. Purchase something pretty, put it in a vase, and say, “Here’s one I prepared earlier.” Gardening, it seems, is that easy!

the summit
For the best view of Brisbane take a trip up to the Mt Coot-tha Lookout. It makes a decent destination for a quick Sunday drive if you just want to get out of your box and renew your perspective of our fair city. You can also make a day of it and do some hiking or mountain biking in the Brisbane Forest Park, take along a picnic or have lunch or dinner at the fancy-pants Summit restaurant. The Planetarium, Botanic Gardens and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary are also nearby if you feel so inclined.

ode to the dog on the beach
Dogs love Sundays too, you know. So scout out one of Brisbane’s off-leash dog parks and take your beloved mutt for a rowdy bit of fooling around. If you’re feeling particularly benevolent, like Emma was with her chum Bentley, head up to The Spit at the Gold Coast and let your puppy feel the sand between its not-quite toes. Just be sure it doesn’t get scooped up by a ravenous pelican.

no eating in the field
‘Tis the season for strawberries. And hooray for us, because Brisbane is close enough to plenty of gorgeous farms you can get to within an hour and snatch some afternoon sun while you Pick Your Own. We visited the family-run Strawberry Fields, located  across the Bruce Highway from the Ettamogah Pub; it was a delight. But remember, there’s to be no eating in the field, or you might just turn into a delicious bit of berry yourself… Actually, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. Happy picking!

a very sweet recipe
Before the season turns and Brisbane gets swathed in its awesome humidity (making the kitchen with its steamy oven the last place you want to be), pull out the silver trays and tins and get baking. Turn up the music and you’ll have yourself a nice, homey way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Plus you can then enjoy the treats right throughout the week… unless of course you’re a greedy gremlin and devour them all straight from the oven. But, yes, we know not everyone’s talented in the kitchen, so if that’s you, or if you’re just wanting to knead your skills a little, check out what the James Street Cooking School in Fortitude Valley has to offer.

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  1. 23/08/2010 10:18 am

    So many helpful hints.. you guys are awesome. I was just up at Mt Cootha the other day – so stunning! xo

  2. 25/08/2010 8:43 am

    Oh thank you Claire – blush! We are loving finding all the nooks and crannies of Brisbane and sharing them with everyone.

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