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Hello Sunday
Tegan and Emma met somewhere in the grey depths of the corporate world. One was shivering in a corner, screaming for light and pretty things. The other was climbing the walls, high on coffee, in an unhinged, terrifying sort of way. We forged an easy friendship as we each tried to reconcile our creative fancies with the sometimes less colourful demands of work and everyday life.

This project is not unrelated.

Hello Sunday brings together Tegan’s love of writing and Emma’s passion for photography, along with our mutual appreciation of blogs, travel, stories, weekends, etc. We want to inspire and challenge our creativity through collaboration and by stepping outside our routines to encounter more of our city and the sparkle that is within our reach if only we bother. We want to remind ourselves, as well as our readers, that there is always a time and place to be imaginative.

Tegan studied creative writing and is currently undertaking her Honours year in literary studies. She is both uncertain and hopeful that it will be awesome and she doesn’t know where she will go from there. Maybe into the blue?

Tegan likes trees, loves love, empathises deeply with puppies, and in the past has fallen over from staring excessively at the sky. Much of her writing revolves around these and other simple experiences, whether real or invented. She is convinced that fiction is as much and as valid a part of life as everything else.

Through Hello Sunday, Tegan looks forward to being a tourist in the city she lives and discovering and creating bits and pieces in the inspired, often more open way you do when travelling.

She also has a personal blog for ranting and playing at

A graphic designer by trade, Emma’s pursuit of all things creative began at 15 when school offered diaries to doodle in and a graphics class five times a week. The road that followed was long and winding, with the occasional pothole, but at some point Emma emerged with a diploma in design, a bunch of wonderfully inspiring friends, industry experience and her own little gathering of freelance clients.

Emma’s love affair with photography started when a new camera landed on her doorstep. Inspired by the world of blogs and armed with more than a few handy hints from her friends, Emma began carrying her camera with her wherever she roamed, clicking away at anything that caught her eye. In 2009, Emma set herself the task of taking a photo every day for 365 days. Curious? Head to her project blog at

Outside of this creative cloudland Emma enjoys other things such as reading in the garden, cooking wintery feasts and jumping on a horse whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Emma was wildly excited at Tegan’s suggestion to explore Brisbane together, seeing it as the perfect chance to skip through the streets alongside a delightful lady, with her vintage tinted glasses and a Polaroid camera slung around her neck. Be sure to watch out and say cheese!

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