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the fairies of glorious


A Hello Sunday Polaroid of Water Hole at Mt Glorious

They are naked, shimmering wet, clothes disbanded at will in the unsullied water. Their nipples crackle in the sun. Shoulders gleam like red beacons. On backs and bottoms, they skate down sloping rocks, skin protected by green algae gloss. They skim across the pools with an easy rhythm, like pebbles tossed by a talented arm.

They are called the Glorious Fairies.The Fairies of Glorious. They materialise from between the branches, greenery knitted into hair, clumped in places, dirt finely upon their cheeks like dustings of powder. By now they know their way and bear no scratches or clumsy cuts. They can smell the proximity of a trunk, its bark moist and peeling, and sense protruding roots ready to trip up their hurried feet. They scale rocks and sideways terrain like it is horizontal ground.
They move nimbly, as fairies should.

But they are not fairies at all, just plain folk travelled up from the Brisbane Valley, dwarfed suddenly by the soaring gums, emboldened by the quiet  and the clear, crisp air.

Find out where these Hello Sunday characters were found.

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