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the man with the folding chair


A Hello Sunday Polaroid of Chairs at IKEA

I’ve seen some strap it to their backs, others lift it above their heads as they walk. I carry mine under my left arm. It slides in neatly there and I can make full use of my right hand, while still gripping the chair firmly with the left, ready to plant it down and push out the seat at any moment.  I am beginning my second lap of the park when I spy across the oval a man, middle-aged with bare chest and rounded stomach,  lower steadily into a squat. I release the chair and sit. I am as nimble as those who have been practising for years, though I only obtained my first flip-fold in the last few months. The man is jutting out his bottom, less rounded than his stomach, and hovering his arms out in front of him for balance. I am in a prime position. I raise my binoculars, which are hanging around my neck. I focus on the face. He has only a thin lashing of hair across his head and no scar on his left cheekbone. I lower the binoculars. He is not who I am looking for.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday tale.

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