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brekky for the new year


A Hello Sunday Polaroid of Breakfast at Home Ground on BrunswickWe give thanks to the seeds and nuts and fruits of the world: the ones that have danced and tripped by us, amused us and given us stories in the past, and the ones that have made it into the bowls of muesli before us. We give thanks to the coffee beans for revealing their secret in the fairness of trade and to the porcelain mugs for being wide enough to satisfy our addiction. We give thanks to the cows for providing the milk, so whole and creamy in a wee glass bottle, cute enough to fit in the palms of our hands. And we make a wish for the New Year: to be as delicious as our breakfast, filled with just as much friendship, and graced with patches of sunlight so bright they almost hurt.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday toast.

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