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the christmas angel


Hello Sunday Polaroid of Hot Stone Massage at Black Dove Body BarThe angel enters the cave, his arms stretched in front of him, palms towards the ceiling. In each hand sits a smooth stone, black and polished, glinting softly in the candlelight.  He moves towards the body in the centre of the space. He places the two stones on the bare body, at the centre of the spine. Close your eyes, he says. Just relax.
It dates back to ancient times, the use of heated flat stones to massage the body. And of course they had their worries then, ones that would tighten the muscles and rouse the nerves. But this woman she needs this more than the pharaohs or the emperors, the charging men on horses and gnarled-handed slaves.  She has endured twelve hours of crowds and furious shopping. Her toes are trampled. Her back is crooked. Earlier she was weeping, although now she is just laying stiffly, her head turned to the side with one cheek pressed into the table.
The angel pushes his hands into her warm skin, rolls the heel of his palms into her flesh and presses hard. At last she has a pulse! Her blood begins to flow freely, surges in around her nerves, nurturing, quelling them. Finally, it is Christmas.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday wish.

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