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a crafty affair


Hello Sunday Polaroid of CraftingAs a child I would grab a handful of shiny things and feathery things and things I had found in the garden, stick them haphazardly to the card, sprinkle it over with glitter and call it pretty. Now, I am more cautious. I do not know where to begin. Which colours to coordinate? Which design to embrace? I worry about style, sophistication, appearing cheap. You made us a card? Oh how delightful. How clever. I fold the rectangle in half and prop it up on the table, so that it houses the teeny shapes I have spent the last hour cutting. Star. Hearts. Circles and squares of various colours. A tiny boat, though there is only one of these because I gave up after the first, decided it was too intricate. I enjoy looking at the scattered cut-outs, beaming at me, tempting me to take them all and throw them into the air. Suddenly, I am inspired. I do it. I throw them into the fan. They whir and disperse, and I catch a few on the card, stick them where they land.
Now, I call it virtuoso.

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