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doing it deli style


The way it was when we were little was different. We had sausages in bread and pavlova. Usually we used plastic plates and nobody would put them in the bin til right at the end when mum or someone, one of the aunties, would scream at everyone to not be so bloody feral. Now we got what you call antipasto, laid out across the table, a couple hundred bucks worth. Cheese in big chunky wheels. Olives and peppers stuffed with fetta or maybe some green thing. It’s all real fancy, drenched in olive-oil, specks of herbs and things floatin round. But some things never change. Pop still farts in the middle of dinner and we drink XXXX as though we don’t know any better. We still laugh. Then we fight. But just like when we were kids, it’s always forty minutes after we first rise from the table before we actually make it out the door, because we’re havin a good time and these dinners are what keeps us together somehow.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday tale.

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