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shopping for sunshine


It was pouring and I had no way of getting home other than to walk, so I retreated into the nearest store. It was a good choice. The girl in there was beautiful, petite and glowing liking a fairy light. She greeted me brightly. I guess because it was her job, but I would take it all the same. Hello, I said, surprising myself with the confident tenor of my voice. Can I help with anything in particular? she asked. I shook my head and she smiled before turning to the shelves and boxes behind her. Actually, I said, and she spun around again to reveal her lovely face once more. Do you, uh, have any umbrellas? She dipped her head forward a little and raised her eyebrows. An umbrella? She looked around. This is a stationery store. I looked around also. Oh, right. The girl bit her lip and did something strange with her eyes. I can’t tell where she was looking. Perhaps she was trying not to laugh. I had to say something. But there’s clouds in the window. I just assumed… She covered her mouth. She started laughing. For a second I was horrified, but then I started laughing too. Our mirth drowned out the rain. The clouds jangled on the string and the sun came out in all its beam and cheer. Well, I guess you don’t need that umbrella now, she said. But next time you do, come back and I’ll make sure there’s one in stock.

Find out where this Hello Sunday romance developed.

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  1. 16/10/2010 3:06 pm

    Tegan – you are brilliant!

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