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road tripping


I headed out via the Riverside Expressway. With the city centre on one side and the river on the other, it seemed the best route to take; I wanted to remember what I was leaving behind. I didn’t have a destination, I just wanted to drive. Foot to the floor, elbow on the door, tongue flapping in the wind like a happy mutt. Still, it was nearly an hour before I felt it. My shoulders sighed and I sank deep into the chair.  The Warrego Highway was sparsely populated, and the mountains, however modest and pastel in the distance, protected me from whatever was happening elsewhere. It was solitude, not loneliness; I could have been flying. Ahead of me the road stretched and ascended into the horizon. Cars were rising up, rising up, and slipping over the top, disappearing. I saw them tipping off the edge – not without mercy and not dramatically, but gliding melodiously, falling like the notes at the end of a lullaby. I saw them tumbling with the stars and dusty flotsam, which later would  float up to hang in the sky and act as night.
I accelerated after them. I did not want to be left behind.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday trip.

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