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all that blossoms


I pick up the metal can and tip it gently. I move it up and down and create an easy rhythm of water trickling slowly, then quickly, then slowly again, soaking the soil and making it shine. Dashes of colour glint in the sun, as though there must be oil in the water, and it seems the dirt is stirring. I imagine new roots wriggling, winking up at me. I wink back and whisper words of encouragement.  Bud, my precious ones, I say.  Bud and bloom and burst into air. It’s warm out now, so come on, let’s do it! And they do. They bite into the soil and begin to swell. In a moment, it seems, they have unfurled into what is green and thin and long, and are pushing up through the damp, making tiny, exultant cries. I crouch down and peer more closely at the tip quivering at the surface. I wonder what this one might be. A rose? A tulip? But then, kneeling over the pots, with the sun on my shoulders and my hat doing little to shield my eyes from the bright, I suddenly long for winter’s shade: frosted grass, a sharp nip in the air, and pink petals that blossom right on my cheeks.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday trinket.

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  1. Freya permalink
    30/08/2010 12:32 pm

    So perfect in every way, girls.
    It reminded me of a very beautiful word that I know you will appreciate too…
    Apricity (n.) – the warmth of the sun in the winter.
    Thanks go to “Reading the OED” for enlightening me to such a lexicon delight.

    • 30/08/2010 9:25 pm

      Danke, Freya! For both the praise and the vocab lesson. I (Tegan) in fact do recall reading that word when I was dribbling over that book. I am glad to be reminded of it and will endeavour to use it before winter is over… i.e. tomorrow.

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