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the summit


Up here the city is vast. Spread out like a rug under an immense blue sky. A picnic for the gods. Faraway mountains frame the view and he gazes out at them, wonders how long it would take to reach them if only he could fly. He sees green and basins of water where the river is wide enough to emerge clearly through the scrub. In the centre of it all, a cluster of buildings, placed like candles, glow dimly in the afternoon light. He could point out his work – panels of yellow tiles, just beyond the William Jolly – but he is not thinking about Monday and the onslaught of paper awaiting him surely. He is not thinking of peak-hour traffic and the lunchtime queues on Adelaide Street. Up here it’s all infinite. He breathes in and feels himself expand. That he lives in this city is impossible. He cannot be one of two million people, all waking, working, sleeping.
He is too big, too light. He raises his arms, breathes in again, and this time leaps.
He reaches the mountains in minutes.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday moment.

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  1. 25/08/2010 9:26 am

    A lovely view captured perfectly!

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