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ode to the dog on the beach


See him run. See him gallop like a horse. See him slide through that gap, between the trunk and the sand, and come out the other side. He is not squashed, flat-out, but robust as ever, quick and gung-ho. Say come on, boy, come on, boy. See him bound toward you. Pitch the stick suddenly at the water, and make him turn to chase it. Lob it high, but not too hard. Make him jump. See him rise on two. He is tall as man, smart as man, catching it between his teeth so that he grins. Say thatta boy, thatta boy. He twists his neck to look at you, then away and up and into the sky, where seagulls soar above. He drops the stick, goes after bird, but stops suddenly at the edge. See the tide ripple in: low and thin, barely there at all. He puts a paw forward, makes a dull nothing-splash. See him retract. See him come charging back.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday excursion.

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  1. 23/08/2010 10:20 am

    Little man.. cutest pooch around!

  2. Sam permalink
    31/08/2010 9:04 pm

    So glad to see Bently features in this one as well =)

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