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miss riding hood


I was headed downhill. I was pedaling not fast. The air was chilly. But my hood was big enough to reach over my helmet and my ears were doing fine. All I could see was his stocky figure in the very centre of the path. I dinged my bell. I changed gears. They clicked into place and I slowed down even more. Watch out, I called. This time he heard. He scooted to the left, but just as I did too, and I not very gracefully ran into the back of his legs. He stumbled a little but commendably held his balance. I, on the other hand, faltered and fell sideways onto the ground, pulling the bicycle down with me. But it was more an inconvenience than an injury and I lifted the frame off me and stood quickly to inspect the spilled contents. On the cement, the fragmented shells and slippery yolk actually looked quite pretty.
I’m so sorry, I said. I’m a fool. He was collecting the escaped apples and returning them to the basket. What you doing riding round with all this stuff in the front, he asked. I’m going to Grandma’s, I said. Really? He seemed amused. I was not. Delivering her groceries are you?
Yes. Grandmas need food too, you know. You always ride there? he smirked. Yes. It’s just on the other side of the park. There’s a track and everything. He nodded and then laughed. So what about the eggs today? I picked up the ruined carton, placed it in the basket and shrugged. Well, be wary of the wolf lurking about, he said. He’s a tired old bugger, but still has a bit of spring in his step. It’s winter, I said. All the more reason for him to snuggle with you, he said. I jumped my bike immediately and rode off into the trees, my bottom lifted high off the seat. A few apples were still missing, but I assumed that Grandma would not mind.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday adventure.

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  1. 02/08/2010 10:47 am

    So in love with this shot Em:)

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