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more than just a game


I am sitting with my legs crossed, for comfort and for luck. I roll the dice, close my eyes as if in meditation, and say, ‘This is it. You are an amazing, shiny boot, destined to go places.
A number will appear and you will make a move. Your laces are tied and soldered in place, so you’re not going to trip or stumble, little boot, no. No matter what, you will go forward.’ I listen to the dice as they caper out of my unfolding hand, tumble and stop on the board. Four and three makes seven. I count each space as I walk the boot across the board. Left, left, I imagine the one boot hopping buoyantly along. On lily pad number six I pause to admire the lit posters of Piccadilly, reflected in the sheen of the boot’s toe. On the next, I am ordered unduly to jail.
I do not pass Go and I do not collect two hundred dollars. Instead I push the boot – left, left – through the cold steel poles, to where it sits dejectedly on the cell floor. I uncross my legs
and await my next turn.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday story.

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  1. Murray Nuss permalink
    31/05/2010 5:34 pm

    Great pic. Great story. Left, left. Haha.

    • 01/06/2010 4:43 pm

      Thanks, Murray. But we hope that you didn’t just leave a comment so you could make a joke!

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