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crossing bridges


Not all of them are as tested as each other, but take whichever you must and just follow the conditions. The wind can rock your balance, and if a fog travels down from the mountains, across the water, to take up what air is there, you might not be able to see. Hold on tightly, then, tread lightly. But be courageous, young one, and do not worry. For at some point, maybe, you might see far ahead and what you see might pull you quickly forward and you might charge and under the sun, in the brightness, you might sweat. Really, the only thing I can tell you for certain is to pack lightly, without expectations, to be versatile. I’ve tucked into your back pocket a photograph and some squares of chocolate in case there are moments you need reminding of what is sweet. This should be all that you need, and maybe a pause or two to look out and think. Do this. And now, a slurp of milk and a kiss on the forehead is all and then you must go.
Yourself is over there, waiting for you. Go.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday jaunt.

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