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by the veggie patch


Under the bamboo twisted into a star and forming an arch, through the patches of tomatoes and cabbage heads, past the old bathtubs filled with earth, and just beyond the cactus taller than even the trees beside it, is a place I think you’d like. Let me take you there. The autumn morning will provide us with a sun that warms us slowly, and we can slide into the day with Chai and butter melting into toast. You can sit on a stump, or maybe a rusting folding chair, lean forward with your forearms on your knees, and tell me how your week was. I want to know. Light will slip through the leaves above us, brighten your hair and dot your arm yellow. Your face will emerge in shadows. This is not something that could ever happen at dinner, and I think it’s time now that we meet in the morning, as you first suggested, I know. Then, unless you want to sit there a while longer, I will lead you to the baskets of fresh harvest and select for you
a slick apple that will make you quiver.

Find out more about this Hello Sunday adventure.

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