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when we were young


I could swing higher than you at that point. Swing higher, jump further, and still land with grace. You would fall on your hands and knees and come up with dirt smudges all up your sides, socks, the bum of your pants; and I would seem to float off the seat and my skirt would swish up and hover and I would flutter to the ground and even my white knickers would always stay just that way. You hated it. You hated it because I was a girl and you were a boy. One day you threw sand at my face and said I was weird and when I asked why you said I wasn’t a real girl because girls weren’t strong and able to do the things that I could do. But you were wrong. And I know you didn’t really think that because the whole reason we met there every afternoon was because I was a girl and you were a boy. One day, even, you kissed me.

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  1. murray nuss permalink
    17/04/2010 5:21 pm

    Why are all previous blog entries now in typed format, rather than the original hand written presentations??

    • 18/04/2010 3:10 pm

      Good question! And we are happy to provide you with an answer… Basically we decided we needed to rethink the design because we had received some feedback about the readability of our posts. As every computer screen, not to mention web browser, brings things up differently, we were having trouble maintaining consistency with the size of our posts. So we have made a decision to keep it simple, so that every week the photo size and resolution will be the same and so that the text will most definitely be legible. Hope that helps!

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